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Get Involved


We welcome volunteers and donations, and are proud to be considered one of the most successful and effective non-profits in the field. There are a number of ways to volunteer and affect change in the lives of others as well as your own.

Make a Commitment of Volunteer Hours!

Fundraising EventsFood & Toy DrivesOrganize & Distribute Donations Clerical & Storage DutiesMentor Youth ParticipantsAssist New Arrivals

Make a Monetary Donation
Our services are specifically designed to impact the target groups we serve. YCI’s purpose is to assist these individuals in improving their standard of living and overall welfare. Only part of our operating budget is covered by federal funds. The remaining expenses are met through the generous donations of monetary gifts, goods, and services from people like you.

Make a Contribution of Goods & Services
In addition to a monetary contribution, other items that people who are not as fortunate as you need are always appreciated, such as clothing for interviews, dictionaries, books, non-perishable food items, and even bicycles! If you feel you are able to help, we welcome your generosity. Combining your donations with others we receive will truly help these families on the road to success.